Baby shoes and such

My baby girl’s first birthday is coming up quick!  I’ve been on the hunt for some adorable, comfortable shoes now that she’s on the verge of walking.  I’ve had these moccasins in mind for her (I have a matching pair! How cute!).  I’ve also eyed the version with the rubber sole considering the inclement fall and winter weather here in Colorado.


Then today  I came across a post by the ever-clever and intelligent Katy of Aligned and Well.  She did a short interview with a podiatrist on kids’ foot health.  The clear recommendation is to allow kids to be bare foot as much as possible, delay shoes until it is necessary and to choose early footwear that is as minimal as possible (flexible, thin sole and soft moveable upper with plenty of room in the toe box).

And then the stars aligned as I caught sight of the most adorable soft sole shoes worn by Emily’s baby via her lovely website! She quickly pointed me to this etsy shop and I’m SOLD.  Teal, soft sole baby shoes with ruffles?  Count me in!

Now to find a matching pair for myself…



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