This week I came across an interesting article by NPR on why human pregnancy lasts 9 months. I can’t deny that in those bleary early months of newborn-ness I have considered the ingenious possibility of giving birth to an 18 month old.  (Anyone else in for skipping frequent night feedings?  Explosive infant diapers?  No?)  And then I realize that the nearly 9 pound newborn I was blessed with had definitely maxed out my fetal size threshold (according to the article, it was also maxing out my metabolic threshold).  I’d say it’s a decent trade off.  Come to think of it, I’d hate to miss out on that sweet newborn smell.  And, of course, nursing and babywearing.  I’ll gladly take the 9 month gestation and enjoy the heck out of both my newborn and eventually the toddler.




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