reaching the (previously) unreachable

I love to hear how creativity and innovation are broadening the reach of healthcare.  Lack of access to medical care is a crisis in many un/underdeveloped areas of the world and I am truly inspired when I hear about regular people using their knowledge and skill to bring a new kind of health care to the world.

Yesterday I heard this story on NPR about how doctors and midwives are beginning to use common household vinegar as a way to diagnose cervical abnormalities and cancer in African women who do not have access to the costly but effective screening tests like we have in America.

This week I also came across this article on a very low-cost ultrasound that can be used with a laptop.  This innovation could improve prenatal care where basic ultrasound technology has previously been out of reach.  (Engineers for the win!)

I am in love with the idea behind Modernova!  Browse through the products they are helping to develop and be inspired.  Many are creative yet simple solutions to save the lives of moms and babies throughout the world!


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