On having it all…



This quarter of graduate school, my 4th, has been a true challenge.  Hence my absence!  My son turned three, started preschool one morning a week and cut his napping down to a few times a week.  My baby girl, now a walking one-year-old, made the transition from two naps to one and just this week (finally!) started sleeping through the night.  A curious preschooler and a busy toddler have brought Advanced Pharmacology and Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology to a new level of difficult.

The balance of motherhood and school/career is a tenuous one and I’ve been known to confess to other mothers that this balance has been the most challenging aspect of motherhood for me–more so because it is a weighty one I didn’t fully anticipate.  This week I came across an enlightening and encouraging article written by Anne-Marie Slaughter, a dean at Princeton and recent director of policy planning in the State Department.  In it she shares her thoughts on Why Women Still Can’t Have it All.   Although her story may be unpopular among modern (feminist?) women, there is so much truth to what she has to say.  And, if anything, what ambitious moms need to hear today  is truth.  Surprisingly, I don’t find her words discouraging.  In fact, I’m comforted by seeing other moms pursue interests and use their talents outside of the home while striving to meet their family’s needs by being present, available, loving.  Also, I’m happy I married the right person.  A present, available and loving husband makes all the difference.

I don’t believe that I can have it all.  At least not at the same time.  I do believe in balance and this past quarter of school is helping me to refine that belief.

What about you?  What did you think of the article?

I’ve learned a lot these past 3 months, academically and otherwise.  I’m happy to have a short break from school because I’ve been storing up some fun and interested things to share with you!




One thought on “On having it all…

  1. I love this Amber. I have been struggling with the same thing-except mine is “I can’t do it all.” I have been working with Lynn Leech (fabulous physical therapist) and I hold a lot of my tension in my pelvis. After having a small breakdown in her office she had me repeat “I can’t do it all” over and over and the tension released. Now when I start to get overwhelmed at everything I have to do, I repeat “I can’t do it all” in my head and have to learn to accept that. It’s been really hard!

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