Royal parenting

I’m a little too young to remember much from the Princess Diana era.  But last spring I found myself drawn to the Royal wedding which happily coincided with our babymoon trip to southern California.  My husband relented (don’t argue with a pregnant woman!) and we sat in our plush hotel room to catch a few moments of the event on television.  It was lovely–something little girls dream of.  I’ll admit that on our way home from the trip I stopped at an airport kiosk to buy the People Magazine Special Edition Royal Wedding.  After all, I was expecting a daughter and knew that someday she would likely be mesmerized by princes, princesses, long flowing dresses and weddings.  Someday I’ll give her that magazine and tell her about how I watched the royal wedding as I was growing her in my belly.

I’m sure many of you caught the news that William and Kate are expecting their first baby.  I’m no expert in the royal family and I definitely don’t know the details on royal childbirth traditions but I think there’s huge potential for Princess Kate’s pregnancy, childbirth and mothering decisions to impact women all over the world.  Imagine if she chose the care of a midwife!   Pursued natural childbirth!  Breastfed her baby and promoted the same!




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