The end of this quarter marks the middle point of my graduate school program. This season next year I will be catching babies, seeing patients in the clinic, studying for boards and generally pinching myself again and again.  I imagine that I will finish my clinical rotation faster than I have planned for because of the burst of energy found close to the finish line.

I started running to keep up with this nervous energy.  I strap the kids in to the stroller nearly every morning, equipped with snacks, sun hats and drinks.  We run in the Colorado sun, the passing rain storms, the dry air and clear our lungs. I can’t say I’m graceful yet, behind 60lbs of kids-on-wheels, but I’ve found a rhythm.  Sometimes I could run all morning and others I feel the weight of my body, the weight of my kids, the weight of being on the way when I’m ready to arrive.

Running is teaching me to stay here, strangely.



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